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Let's Celebrate a successful Rescue of O'Reilly!
Many of you joined in to rescue O'Reilly and his precious coins from V.I.P.E.R. these past few weeks. We knew that if enough participation occurred then a Double EXP event would occur!

And we've checked the tallies and indeed PlaySpan is sponsoring our Double Exp week until Wednesday 3pm April 6th!

To further sweeten the event we are going to leave in the St Patrick themed items until the Maintenance on Wednesday April 6th, for those that didn't have time to look due to your VIPER hunting!

Don't forget that UGC redemptions and 4000+ point conversion rewards of Snake Head and Evil Snake Lord Hats, respectively,
will still count until Midnight tonight.

Also you may still earn bonus Kafra Points until 5pm on April 1st PST if you transfer WP Energy into Kafra Points.

For Discussion on the Double Exp event. Double Exp event.

To discuss upcoming VIP system update.

And Patch notes.

Yggdrasil : Free server transfer offer
In the beginning of April we will be performing a big update to all our servers, to remove the requirement for Monthly subscriptions for access to our Premium Servers. Also with this update we will be creating a "VIP" system that allows you to get the current premium benefits on ANY account regardless of which server you play on. There are many changes that are intended, and some that are still being tweaked; you can read the ongoing discussion and current plan On the Blog.

For Yggdrasil, we are going to switch it to parallel Valkyrie, this means that it is a new Renewal server, that will be easily accessible to brand new players and characters. This will be a switch from being a "premium server" to being an open server.

Yggdrasil players are being given the opportunity to transfer from Yggdrasil to Ymir, FREE, now through April 6 (requests must be received by end of day April 6).

These transfers will have NO restrictions, and will be entirely free, using our Support ticket system to make the requests. After April 6, you can still play on Yggdrasil of course, but we want to offer you the opportunity to stay on a "VIP" server if you wished.

We will later begin offering server transfers, with certain restrictions, between all servers as Value added service.

If you are on Yggdrasil and you want to end up on Ymir please make that request soon!

Thank you,
WarpPortal Team

Brasilis : Testing begins on Sakray
We are begining our testing phase of Brasilis on the Sakray server starting March 17th. To participate in this testing you will need to download a special client that will only work during this testing phase.

There will be NPCs setup in the Eden Group to help direct you to the Brasilis quests (there are only ~ 6) and to help leveling. The range of Brasilis is 70~93.

We do expect to wipe and reset during or after the test run. Currently we expect about a 2 week test phase, afterwards we may test some adjusted EXP and seal quests updates.

We will post more Brasilis materials next week in the update section of the RO website.

Please install the below client in a DIFFERENT FOLDER than your normal RO folder. If you don't you will likely have to redownload and install your normal RO client again.
Brasilis Sakray Test Client The SHA-1 hash is as follows: 6CB8C739B2B8C373B97C081DA3680FBB4C437D07

We will get more mirrors up for this next week.

Let's have some fun!

St Patricks Day Maintenance!
For our March 17 Maintenance the following updates will be made to all servers.

  • The Abyss, Rachel, Anubis, and Remover Turnin Quests will be removed
  • The monsters for the above hunts will regain their EXP
  • Battle Grounds 15v15 will be reinstated with the fixed system
  • Please give the Battle Grounds a sampling this week, and let us know what you think of the randomizing side system. Please report any problems through the support tool.
  • The Stacker in Payon will now stack 10 times with each "Do EEET!" he is the creepy guy with the test tubes standing behind the Kafra Shop Gals. If you have a bunch of low quantity stacks of Kafra Shop items like HD Ores he can help you quickly tidy them up into 1 stack!
  • The Snakes for the Where is O'Reilly quests will stop dropping the consumable silver coin.
  • The Consumable Silver coins will still be counted by the agent in Payon as normal Silver coins (so you don't lose out)
  • O'Reilly has implemented his own Green Box from 17th - 31st! Check it out below!
  • The big update for this week is how the HD Elunium, HD Oridecon, HD Carnium and HD Bradium are used by Mighty Hammer in Payon.
O Reilly's Green Box is completely vend and tradable. But the items that come out are account bound. The hats are all amusing and functional, and we all hope you enjoy the new looks! There is also a chance of getting a couple X3 Battle Manuals that will give triple exp for 30 minutes.

Fundraising for Japan with MercyCorp.

While we try and make everything about WarpPortal focus on fun and games, occasionally tragic real world events happen and shake our lives and those we care about. Right now is one of those times in Japan. We here at WarpPortal personally have many friends and family in Japan, many of our players do as well. We are very concerned over their wellbeing both presently and in the near future, we are doing everything we can as individuals to help; but more assistance is always welcome with that in mind we are combining our efforts with MercyCorps again to support their relief efforts in Japan.

We have a Donation Page with MercyCorps for this relief effort, and we hope that the compassion and generosity of our community shines through once again for this very important effort. While we can’t thank each person for their good deeds enough, we do deeply appreciate your kindness. We have set a very modest goal for our fundraiser, regardless of the goals outcome every dollar helps and is appreciated. As thanks we will have an EXP event in all of our published titles from April 7-14 in honor of those generous people who donated to this worthy cause.

  • Ragnarok Online : 2x exp
  • ROSE : 2x EXP
  • Requiem : 1.5x Exp
  • Dragon Saga : 1.5x Exp
Thank you,
WarpPortal Team
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