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Recycle your Gear!

Are you a guild leader who has too much common gear sitting around and nothing to do with it? Have you adventured the world over and find that your treasures have piled to the ceiling of your Kafra storage?

How about you recycle some of those goodies into Rough Elunium and Rough Oridecon?

In Prontera near the Monument of Cooperation you'll find Ben Recycle.

He can break down some common gears into Rough Stones which you can use for seal rolling, or combining together for upgrading!

Weapon Name Rough Elunium Rough Oridecon
Battle Hook [1] 4 4
Combo Battle Glove [4] 2 2
Healing Staff 5 5
Icicle Fist [3] 3 3
Inverse Scale 4 4
Jeweled Sword 3 3
Lich's Bone Wand [2] 5 5
Piercing Staff 5 5
Platinum Shotel [1] 5 5
Scalpel [3] 6 6
Seismic Fist [3] 1 1
Wild Beast Claw [1] 5 5
Armor Name Rough Elunium Rough Oridecon
High Fashion Sandals [1] 3 3
Buckler [1] 1 1
Fricca's Circlet 2 1
Boots [1] 3 3
Magni's Cap 2 1
Morpheus's Hood 2 1
Muffler [1] 2 1
Odin's Blessing [1] 15 15
Pauldron [1] 6 6
Shoes [1] 2 1
Chain Mail [1] 2 1
Guard[1] 2 1
Stone Buckler[1] 2 2

USRC Is next week, Prizes updated!

Our USRC tournament is going to happen Saturday June 11, and there is still time for your team to register!

The prize list has been updated further!

1st Prize - Upgrade item of Choice to +10, - 3 Month VIP, - 1000 Ultimate Points from Playspan, - Named Headgear of Choice from the USRC Sellers & - 100 WPS points for the Team

2nd prize - Upgrade item of Choice to +10, - 1 Month VIP, - 500 Ultimate Points from Playspan, - Named Headgear of Choice from the USRC Sellers & - 50 WPS points for the Team

3rd prize - 14 Days VIP, - Named Headgear of Choice from the USRC Sellers & - 500 Ultimate Points from Playspan

4th prize - 14 Days VIP, - Named Headgear of Choice from the USRC Sellers & - 500 Ultimate Points from Playspan

**All participating teams will earn the USRC Headgear for all 7 team members; the USRC Headgear is a unique headgear that is only available by participating in the 2011 USRC.

Also to let you know how we are handling the characters. On Thursday we will be WIPING all character data from Sakray, and moving the characters (set to 1/1 novices) back to Training grounds. Those that are participating in USRC will need to login after Maintenance, but before Saturday's start of events, and set their characters up. No money, stat or skill reset services will be available, so what you end up with is what you will need to compete with in the tournament.

We will be recording all matches and live stream as many matches as we can. Depending on the number of teams participating we may run 1 or 2 matches at a time.

Live Q&A session Thursday June 2nd *Complete*

Thursday June 2nd 4pm we will be hosting a Streamed Q & A session about Ragnarok. If you want to view the stream just head to our Facebook page and use the button on the left side to view the stream.

If you want to ask a question please use Twitter and send a question by using "hashtag" #ROQ&AJune on Twitter. We hope to talk about some patches and our update plan, and any issues that are brought up by inquiring players!

USRC will use that same streaming method, and USRC signups close next Wednesday, so be sure to sign up your team today!

To view the saved Q & A session please visit our youtube channel or Click here!

Memorial Day Weekend!

For many of us we have friends and family that have served in the Armed forces for their country. In the United States our day of remembering those people is on the Last Monday of May, which is May 30th this year. This is a day off from school and work for many of us, so we are going to extend our events a little to encompass this holiday.

The Lucky Box and Double Exp event will stay in place through Tuesday Morning May 31st. We will have a brief maintenances around 11am (about 15 minutes long) to turn off the May Lucky Pack and the Double Exp event.

Until then, please enjoy the Summoner Event, the Double EXP and the full drop rate regardless of level!

Safe and Cheap Slotting; from Troy!

For those of you wondering what the deal is with the Slotting Advertisements you get out of lucky boxes, here is the scoop on our two week event, from May 19 - June 2nd.

Troy can be found in Payon, celebrating his victory in the RPS tournament; normally Troy will ask for a considerable amount of zeny and refining metals to make an attempt at putting slots into your item, but not today! There are other Slotting Smiths in the kingdom who can offer slotting services, but their chances of success are much lower than Troys, and when they fail you lose the equipment, the zeny and the refining materials. Troy is always better than those other Slotters are, but he only works when someone provides him a Slotting Advertisement, not only is Troy more successful but he also will never destory the base equipment if he fails!

During Happy Troy's celebration period, he will do his Slotting Attempts and waive any material and Zeny Fees! This is your opportunity to attempt to slot anything that can, as it will never get less expensive than now! And if you succeed, you can go to Grandma Boxter in the Eden group; turn in a Popcorn or Piggie Bank Hat and get it upgraded safely to +5!

Weapon CategoryEligible Weapons
Knife Poison Knife
Ice Pick
Dragon Killer
Spear Gungnir
Crescent Scythe
Spectral Spear
Gae Bolg
Sword Cutlus
2 Handed Sword Cutlus
Mace Chain
Golden Mace
Grand Cross
Katar Katar of Quaking Turns 3 Slot
Katar of Raging Blaze Turns 3 Slot
Katar of Frozen Icicle Turns 3 Slot
Katar of Piercing Wind Turns 3 Slot
Axe Orcish Axe
Bow Hunter Bow
Gakkung Bow
Arbalest Bow
Staff Survivor's Rod(DEX) Survivor's Rod(INT)
Instrument/Whip Lute
Oriental Lute
Queen's Whip
Fist Waghnak Berserk
Book Book of Mother Earth Turns 3 Slot
Book of Billows Turns 3 Slot
Book of Gust of Wind Turns 3 Slot
Book of the Blazing Sun Turns 3 Slot

Armor CategoryEligible Armor
Shield Guard
Mirror Shield
Sacred Mission
Memory Book
Footwear Shoes
High Heels
Black Leather Boots
Garment Muffler
Ancient Cape
Accessory Skull Ring
Bow Thimble
Armor Mantle
Chain Mail
Silk Robe
Saint Robe
Holy Robe
Full Plate
Legion Plate Armor
Mage Coat
Robe of Cast
Thief Clothes
Ninja Suit
Headgear Orc Helm
Bone Helm
Gemmed Sallet
Golden Gear
Majestic Goat
Spiky Band
Sphinx Hat
Pirate Bandana
Ph.D Hat
Big Ribbon
Munak Hat
Bongun Hat
Boys Cap
Bucket Hat
Monk Hat
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