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What kind of Pirate are you?

Throughout the ages, Midgardians have held a certain fascination with Pirates, and is it any wonder why? Perhaps it is the romantic freedom of the open Seas, or the roguish grin that they do better than even the roguieish rogue. But no matter why everyone wants to be a pirate, if even a little bit!

For some reason the Kafra staff spent alot of time trying to cast many enchantments on a special Red Pirate Bandana they found on an exploration journey on the open ocean. Unfortunately the one spell they didn't put on it is one of permanence!

The special enchantments on the Red Pirate Bandana will only last until June 16, but its normal effects will stay forever!

Red Pirate Bandana
+1 Str, +1 Int
Class: Upper Headgear
Def: 6
Weight: 10
Job: All
Level: 10
Account bound item

Special Bonus that disappears on June 16
+0 = 10% Bonus exp from Monster Slaying
+5 = 15% Bonus Exp from Monster Slaying
+7 = 25% Bonus Exp from Monster Slaying
Every upgrade beyond +7 will give +10% more exp from Monster Slaying

We hope to see many adventurers sporing the new look in their search a soothing pint of Green Grog or while they try to make a raft out of turtles while they Swashbuckle across Midgard!

The Kafra Shop has expanded!

The Kafra corporation has recently hired a few more workers and have put together some new conveniences for their customers!

The first new convenience is the Eden Group! Whenever you are in the Eden Group you can take the stairs to the 2nd floor and get all the Kafra conveniences at your disposal!

  • Kafra Headgears
  • Kafra Rentals
  • Kafra Consumables
  • Kafra Utility Items
  • HD and Enriched upgraders,
  • Kafra Stacker
  • Code the Redeemer
  • Kafra Headgear and Clothing Dye

At this time Payon and the Eden group is where all the Kafra gals will be located, except the Dye Shop in Prontera will still house the Kafra headgear and clothing Dye Kafra gals.

Also new this week is an assortment of convenient Kafra Items made permanently available!

HD Elunium 10 Box10x HD Elunium100ptFully tradableUpgrading Armor Safely with Mighty Hammer
HD Oridecon 10 Box10x HD Oridecon100ptFully tradableUpgrading Weapon Safely with Mighty Hammer
Adventurer Travel Box10x Dungeon Teleport Scrolls
10x Red Town Bwings
10x Yellow Town Bwings
10x Blue Town Bwings
10x Green Town Bwings
200ptFully TradableFor Visiting all over the World instantly!
Gym in a Box10x Gym Passes500ptFully tradableTalked to "Ripped" to increase your capacity by 200 per Gym Pass, limit 10 times.

Of course there are also some event sales too! Such as the Red Pirate Bandana available from May 12 - June 16, and the May Lucky Pack and May Lucky Crate!

Easter Lucky Box introduced!
Its April time, and not only is Tax season almost done for the Kafra gals, Easter is right around the corner! The Kafra gals love Easter, and they ended up not having to turn over all their Kafra stuff to the evil Tax Dark Lord, so instead they are putting it in a new box that doesn't require a professional to open!

Available from April 14th to April 28th, this Easter Lucky Pack is sure to have something to peak your interest!

Purchased from the Special "Bunny Box Sellers" in Prontera or Payon, you can open this box yourself to get your prize!

Class S 1x Sunglasses [1]

Class A 1x Party Hard Pack
Class A 1000x Marvelous Medal
Class A 1x Mystical Card Album

Class B 5x Battle Manual x3
Class B 1x Rune Hairband
Class B 400x KVM Badges
Class B 1x Mischievous Fairy

Class C 1x Taurus Crown
Class C 1x Taurus Diadem
Class C 30x HD Elunium
Class C 30x HD Oridecon
Class C 1x Magnolia Hat

Class D 1x Spirit Auger
Class D 1x Slot Coupon
Class D 1x MVP Hunting Box
Class D 1x Party Buff Scroll Packl

Easter Box Vender Vender
Lucky Box Opener

Rune Hairband

Rune Hairband A hairband embroidered with Runes and golden thread. Increases resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 3%. Add a low chance of recovering HP/SP when the user receives Physical Melee Damage. Hit +5. Class : Headgear Defense : 5 Location: Upper & Middle Weight : 40 Required Level : 1 Jobs : All Jobs

Mischievous Fairy
Mishchievous Fairy
Naughty fairies have slightly pointier ears than elves do.
Perfect Dodge + 3
Class : Headgear
Defense : 2
Location : Middle
Weight : 20
Required Level : 70
Jobs : All

Taurus Crown
A magnificent crown created to pay tribute to the 2nd sign of the zodiac, Taurus the Bull.
Attached to the crown is an Emerald gemstone, the birthstone for those born under this sign.
Dex +2, Vit +2,
If refined to 7 or higher,
DEF +2,
Increase resistance to Earth Property by 5%.

Class : Headgear
Defense : 3
Location : Upper
Weight : 30
Required Level : 70
Job : All

Taurus Diadem
A magnificent diadem created to pay tribute to the 2nd sign of the zodiac, Taurus the Bull.
Attached to the crown is an Emerald gemstone, the birthstone for those born under this sign.
It has been known that those born under the sign of Pisces are most compatible with those born under the Capricorn and Virgo signs.
Dex +2,
Increases resistance to Earth Property by 5%.
If refined to 7 or higher,
DEF +2, Vit +2.

Class : Headgear
Defense : 3
Location : Upper
Weight : 30
Required Level : 70
Job : All

Magnolia Hat
What looks like a fried egg in a skillet is actually a furious Magnolia monster.
Atk +5. Has a low chance of auto-casting 'Greed' while receiving physical melee attacks.
Class : Headgear
Defense: 2
Location: Upper
Weight : 10
Required Level : 1
Jobs: All

Spiritual Auger
A special item that Olivia in Payon can use to try to slot Elven Ears!
If she fails or Succeeds both the Elven Ears and the Spiritual Auger will be consumed.
Payon 146 63

Auger can Be vended, traded and Stored only.
Slotted Elven Ears CANNOT be moved off of an account. So be sure you attempt slotting on the account you want the Slotted Elven Ears on.

Mystical Card Album: Contains 1 Random Miniboss card

HD Elunium and HD Oridecon: Can be used in Payon by "Mighty Hammer" to attempt a safe upgrade on Gear that is +7 , 8 or 9, failure results in 1 level degrade, but you can keep trying as long as you don't run out even if item falls below +7.

MVP Hunting Box: Contains 3 Convex Mirrors, Insurance, Token of Siegfried and 2 HE Bubble Gum. All old MVP Hunting Boxes are updated with these new contents.

Party Hard Pack = This pack is filled with goodies to last for 2.5 hours of high efficiency leveling.
Contains the following items
10 High Efficiency Battle Manuals
10 High Efficiency Bubble Gum
50 Blessing Scrolls
50 Increase Agi Scrolls
50 Assumptio Scrolls
10 Token Of Siegfried
5 Life Insurance
200 Giant Fly Wing

Party Buff Scroll Pack
8x Party Assumptio Scrolls
5x Party Blessing Scrolls
5x Party Agility Scrolls

Battle Manual X3
While some are ok with double Exp from the HE manuals, the 3x Manuals are 30 minutes of Triple Win Exp!

Server Transfers have returned!
The long awaited Server Transfer Service has returned! We have updated the Server Transfers to allow moving to and from all servers, as well as lowered the price significantly.

We also have updated the item and zeny allowances to be more consistent and to take the game economies into account. It is worthwhile to read the Terms of Service for the Server Transfers.

We are taking Transfer requests currently, but the services will not begin to be completed until after Maintenance on Thursday April 14th.
  • To perform the server transfer, please login to the WarpPortal account.
  • Click Power-Up
  • Choose the Ragnarok Account you want to have the service for from the Left side List.
  • Select VAS server tab, and go from there!

Thank you,
WarpPortal Team

Helpful guide for patching up to Brasilis
We have updated to VIP system and Brasilis on April 6th. There are 2 options available for patching correctly.

Regardless if you have freshly installed the October 2010 client, or have been playing for quite some time and patching every week, you will have the same patch methods.

Patching using the normal Patch Client:

  1. Navigate to your Ragnarok installation folder,
  2. Right click on the folder and make sure "Read-Only" is UN-CHECKED, then apply.
  3. Enter the folder, and right click the "renewal.exe" and choose Run as Administrator
  4. The Ragnarok.exe, ragexe.exe and the data.grf should all get updated to April 6th.
  5. From now on Run "Ragnarok.exe" to patch and play RO.

Key points for the auto patch method: Patch is ~24mb, permissions are tricky as you are overwriting files. If the files dates aren't updated then you are not patched!

Patching using the Manual Patch Client:

  1. Download the Manual Patch to your Hard Drive.
  2. Navigate to your Ragnarok installation folder,
  3. Right click on the folder and make sure "Read-Only" is UN-CHECKED, then apply.
  4. Extract the Manual patch into the RO installation folder, allowing it to overwrite files.
  5. From now on Run "Ragnarok.exe" to patch and play RO.

Don't forget to update your shortcuts to point to the Ragnarok.exe patch launcher!

In the next week or so a freshly made client will be made available that has VIP and Brasilis included. The small patch size was the reason we didn't make a fresh client yet.
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