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Mobile payment option is now available!
On March 9, 2011 we have implemented an easy new way to purchase WarpPortal Energy via your Mobile Phone. Our "Paymo" (Pay Mobile) is brought to you by Boku. You can utilize this payment option all around the world and the payment will go onto your Mobile Phone Bill!

The cost is calculated on your current location, and will fluctuate as the exchange rate updates between your currency and USD. This is normal, but should be a reasonable option of payment for those without Credit Cards or access to Game Cards.

To try it out:
Login to the WarpPortal,
Navigate to the "Power UP page"

Choose your payment amount, please understand that the local exchange rate may influence the cost of the payment. Further, certain carriers will not allow higher purchase amounts for their customers, but most carriers will allow the lower payment amounts.

Input your phone number for your mobile phone, and a text message will be sent to you.

Time Change Forward this Sunday!
This coming Sunday morning is the begining of the Daylight savings time for us and many of our players. During this time we pretend we are Cronos and move time forward 1 hour. So at 2am Sunday March 13 becomes 3am.

This means you lose an hour of sleep and potentially an hour off of any game timers you have running. We advise players to not activate timer based Item Mall items after midnight until the time change has occurred. We will do in-game announcements of course to let you know when it is happening.

Ragnarok will need to have a server restart to avoid corruption of subscription data. Ragnarok will be put under maintenance for ~ 15 minutes starting at 1:55am PST Sunday, and will come up at 3:10am (15 minutes later).

We will have full announcements describing when the restart will be then. Please get your treasure early guild leaders, else you'll have to wait for the GM team to restore next week.

WarpPortal Passwords have been updated
Greetings WarpPortalites,

As of Tonight February 25th, we have updated all WarpPortal passwords. This means to login to the WarpPortal you will need to use the "Forgot Password?" link that appears on the login page. You will need to have access to the WarpPortal email address. This will send an email to you with a link that allows you to type a new password.
If you would like a visual guide please view the Knowledge Base Article

Today we had an attack on the forums, and while all evidence points that there is no user information leak, and the fact that there is no payment or game info stored at all on the Forums; we would rather over react than under react with this incident. In our efforts to ensure the maximum security possible we have updated your passwords for your WarpPortal account, but the game account passwords remain unchanged.

We will bring up the forums as soon as we have updated and completed any fixes that are necessary to continue having the best user experience and security possible with the forums.

When updating your password please use a NEW, STRONG password that is at least 6 characters with numbers letters and symbols to maximize the security of the password.

If you have questions or need assistance updating your password, please contact our Customer Service team.

Thank you for your understanding
WarpPortal Team

ISP maintenance notice
We have been made aware of several important ISP work plans that may have an impact on network performance for all our titles and Websites. Our ISP has recognized a possible issue with their routers that run their backbone network lines, and are taking steps to fix the problem in an orderly and quick fashion to prevent a bad degradation in service or disconnection down the road.

Where we fit in this plan is any router that is updated must be taken down for 3 hours or so, which makes traffic reroute to other routers so the network traffic continues. When such rerouting is done it usually is accompanied by a change in traffic speed because of the longer route and possible capacity issues with the new route. Furthermore if that router is very close to our servers it is possible no route is available and we will be "blacked out" while the update is taking place.

Our ISP plans on doing these ISP maintenances through February. Many of you may have noticed a network drop late January, that was the symptom that started the ISP investigation and plan to fix it before it happens again. Below are the known ISP maintenances that have the best chance of directly affecting our service availability.
  • February 9 : 2am - 5am Possible Black out, and/or suboptimal routing (Latency)
  • February 21 : 2am - 5am Possible Black out, and/or suboptimal routing (Latency)

Please note that during February there is a strong liklihood of intermittent problems in the morning hours due to these updates taking place throughout our ISP network.

Bunny Box!
The Lunar New Year has started, and there are Bunnies, Bunnies everywhere.

Available from February 3rd until February 17th, this Bunny Box is sure to have something intriguing inside!

Purchase from the Special "Bunny Box Sellers" in Prontera or Payon, and ask the Bunny Box opener to assist you in getting your prize!

Class A 1x Party Hard Pack
Class A 1000x Marvelous Medal
Class A 1x Princess Knife
Class A 2x Mystical Card Album
Class A 1x Ninja Scroll

Class B 8x HE Battle Manual
Class B 8x HE Bubble Gum
Class B 1x Chocolate Donut in Mouth
Class B 1x Blank Eyes
Class B 1x Twin Red Ribbon

Class C 1x
Spirit Auger
Elven Ears
Class C 1x Moon Rabbit Hat
Class C 30x HD Elunium
Class C 30x HD Oridecon
Class C 1x Lunatic Hat
Class C 1x Power of Thor

Class D 1x Slot Coupon
Class D 1x MVP Hunting Box
Class D 8x
Party Assumptio Scroll
Party Blessing Scroll
Party Agility Up Scroll

Class D 5x
Tasty Pink Ration
Tasty Whte Ration
Military Ration A
Military Ration B
Military Ration C
Lucky Box Vender
Lucky Box Opener

MVP Hunting Box Contains 3 Convex Mirrors, Insurance, Token of Siegfried and 2 HE Bubble Gum. All old MVP Hunting Boxes are updated with these new contents.
Mystical Card Album : Contains 1 Random Miniboss card
HD Elunium and HD Oridecon: Can be used in Payon by "Mighty Hammer" to attempt a safe upgrade on Gear that is +7 , 8 or 9, failure results in 1 level degrade.
Ninja Scroll
A scroll used by Ninjas to cast spells.
Increase Matk 1%.
Class : Headgear
Location : Lower
Defense : 0
Weight : 20
Required Level : 1
Jobs : All
Twin Red Ribbon
A red ribbon with a white flower. It makes girls prettier.
MSP + 30, MDEF + 3.
Decreases 20% of all physical damage for 2 seconds with low chance when physically attacked.
However, MDEF decreased 20% for 2 seconds.
Decreases 20% of all magical damage for 2 seconds with low chance when magically attacked.
However, DEF decreased 20% for 2 seconds.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 6
Location : Upper
Weight : 20
Required Level : 30
Jobs : All
Blank Eyes
A special item that makes its wearer look absent-minded.
Class : Headgear
Defense: 0
Location: Middle
Weight : 10
Jobs: All
Lunatic Hat
A hat molded out of Lunatic Fluff.
Luk +3, Critical Rate +5%
Increases damage to plant type monsters by 20%.
Class : Headgear
Defense: 2
Location : Upper
Weight : 30
Required Level: 1
Jobs : All
Chocolate Donut
Chewing on this chocolate ring-shaped fried cake will make you happy.
MaxHP +100.
Recover 1 HP every 10 seconds.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 1
Location : Lower
Weight : 5
Required Level : 1
Jobs : All
Princess Knife
A beautiful Dagger that is rumored to have been used by an ancient princess to protect herself.
All Stats +1.
Attack: 84
Weight: 40
Weapon Level 4
Required level: 1
Jobs: Swordsman, Merchant, Thief, Mage, Archer, Ninja, Soul Linker classes.

Spiritual Auger
A special item that Olivia in Payon can use to try to slot Elven Ears!
If she fails or Succeeds both the Elven Ears and the Spiritual Auger will be consumed.
Payon 146 63

Auger can Be Traded and Stored only.
Slotted Elven Ears CANNOT be moved off of an account. So be sure you attempt slotting on the account you want the Slotted Elven Ears on.

Party Hard Pack = This pack is filled with goodies to last for 2.5 hours of high efficiency leveling.
Contains the following items
10 High Efficiency Battle Manuals
10 High Efficiency Bubble Gum
50 Blessing Scrolls
50 Increase Agi Scrolls
50 Assumptio Scrolls
10 Token Of Siegfried
5 Life Insurance
200 Giant Fly Wing

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